Meet Dr. Larry Bowers - Dental Surgeon

Dentistry gives me a chance to improve my patients’ chances of having a long, uneventful life of smiling confidently and chewing comfortably- with their own teeth! My relationships with my patients give me a chance to celebrate their successes and support their challenges. Many of my patients have been with me for years, so it’s really like we’ve grown up together. Seeing the impact a new smile, regained comfort, and sustained health can make on a patients self image and seeing the reaction of my patients the first time they look in the mirror with a new smile is what truly makes my day.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts degree, Middlebury College, 1975
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Medical College of Virginia, 1980

Continuing education is a big part of my professional life. I spend about 75 hours in classes every year focusing on cosmetic and restorative materials and techniques that will give my patients the best chance to get exactly what they want for their smiles and their health. Continued training invigorates me personally, giving me a chance to share ideas with the best clinicians in the country, so that I can bring those ideas home to my patients.

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About the Practice

Every patient comes into my office with a unique set of physical and emotional conditions. Our practice allows us to individualize a treatment plan to give you the best chance to have a successful relationship with your smile and your health. My staff and I are here because we share a passion for providing exceptional dentistry in the most pleasant atmosphere possible. I can’t imagine any staff caring more about our patients and making their dental visits something to look forward to!

Outside the Office

I’ve been living upstairs above the office on Capitol Hill since 1981! Life on Capitol Hill is like that-where work, play, and community all blend together. I’ve been married to my wife, Susan, for 33 years and we have two grown sons, Langley and Case. Langley will be starting Dental School at Maryland this year so our patients care is in good hands for the future. I love to make things and will carve anything-sandcastles, wood, pumpkins, and jewelry. I also enjoy dancing, juggling, hanging out at the beach, and playing tennis whenever I get a chance.

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